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Guild Information

Guild History

<Trash Mob Death Machine> has been a guild on Illidan since The Burning Crusade, initially formed by Nethrus. It raided as a one-day-a-week casual guild until Cataclysm when the raid's goals were changed to be closer to semi-hardcore. During the Firelands tier, Nethrus needed to step away from the game. Leadership of the guild was passed to Zarillion, who is the current guild and raid leader.

The guild continues to maintain a semi-hardcore environment and has raided in some capacity during every tier. We have casual members and raid-oriented members, some of whom have been around since the start. The guild has numerous Cutting Edge achievements and is the longest standing raiding guild on Illidan.

Guild Officers

  • Zarillion - Guild/Raid Leader
  • Ersanth - Recruitment Officer
  • Sikanda - Raid Calls & Loot Officer
  • Mirxis - Raid Strategies Officer
  • Promise - Attendance, Bank & Healing Officer

General Rules

  • We maintain a strict no-elitist environment in our guild. We play the game primarily to down bosses and have fun, not to put other people down or create drama.
  • Do not say racist or offensive things in guild chat or Discord; know your boundaries.
  • Help others when you can. There are no stupid questions and everyone plays the game at their own level.
  • Bring any and all issues to the officers first -- that’s what we’re here for.