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Fyrakk the Blazing




Lust can be used on either first set of adds in phase 2 or to burn the boss during phase 3. We'll start with lusting the first adds to help prog. Later when we get to phase 3 we'll see if we can move lust to the boss.

Damage Potions

Check the logs for your spec to see when they are popping their damage pots. There are two options:

  1. Potion on pull and potion in phase 3 during lust.
  2. Potion at start of phase 2 and again in phase 3.

The advantage of option 1 is that you get to pot during lust. If potion scales significantly during lust for you, this is the option you'll find in the logs. The advantage of option 2 is that you use potion twice after the 70% boss transition when boss damage starts to matter. For some classes, using potion twice outside of lust is more boss damage than using potion once during lust.


Create a macro with this text:

/run WeakAuras.ScanEvents("LIQUID_PRIVATE_AURA_MACRO", true)

You will press this macro when you have the Molten Eruption debuff in phase 2. This is the same macro we used on Smolderon.


Drop these markers before the pull for the initial Firestorm placements and the Shadow Cages in phase 2.




Phase 1

Begin by pulling the boss forward towards the first circles. DO NOT PULL BEFORE 0. THE BOSS WILL LEAP TO YOU FIRST AND YOU WILL DIE. Place the first Firestorm circles in an L shape like the picture below with melee and ranged gravitating towards the suggested locations.

Drag the boss to the left edge to prepare for the first Darkflame Cleave. Check the assignments sheet for which circle you are supposed to soak. This is a private aura mechanic, so players with the cleave need to pick a position quickly.

  • DPS & Healers: Do not stand in the overlap between two circles or you will take 200% extra damage.
  • Tanks: Stand in the overlap between two cleaves with a defensive and try to soak both.


Fyrakk will cast the first Dream Rend rift. On Mythic, the rift will launch Dark Embers at the raid. We want to move toward the back of the platform first to bait them and then dodge them by moving toward the right edge.


Place the second Firestorm circles on the right side with melee and ranged gravitating to the spots marked below. If we placed the first Firestorm in the correct L-shape position, there will be exactly 4 spaces open for these.


Move to the center and prepare for the second Darkflame Cleave soaks. Tanks should again stand in the overlap between two cleaves to try and soak both. This positioning will leave 5 spaces available on the left side for the final Firestorm cast.


Fyrakk will cast the second Dream Rend rift. For this rift, perform the same maneuver as the first rift but in the other direction. Bait the Dark Embers towards the back of the platform, then dodge them by moving to the left edge.


Line up the final set of 4 Firestorm puddles. Melee and ranged should gravitate towards the positions marked below.


With the 10% health nerf, we should be pushing shortly after this Firestorm cast.


As soon as the intermission starts you will be debuffed with either Flamebound or Shadowbound. The Liquid pack will assign you to one of nine positions around the boss:


Go to that position, check which color you are and soak your appropriate orb. Watch the Dratnos intermission video linked below for an explanation of how to figure out which orb is yours.

There are three waves of orbs. All players will watch and soak orbs during the first two waves. Try to minimize movement so you can keep up DPS on the shield. When the third wave spawns, we will use three paladin bubbles and a spell bop to clear as many orbs as we can. Watch for any orbs that get through the immunities and soak them while finishing the shield.


Phase 2

The second phase is pretty similar to heroic. It will end on a timer after two sets of adds have spawned. There is one hard and fast rule in phase two: DO NOT HIT ADDS WITH YOUR BLAZE LINES OR WE WILL WIPE.

On Mythic, instead of spawning two Burning Colossus, Fyrakk will spawn one Burning Colossus and one Dark Colossus.

The Dark Colossus will debuff 4 players with Shadow Cage, a private aura. These should be stacked two-and-two on the square and cross markers like this:


When the debuff expires, all four players will take damage and be suspended in the air. The markers are close enough together that we can cover both stack points with a single Anti-Magic Zone defensive. At the same time, the Burning Colossus will debuff 4 players with Molten Eruption, another private aura. If you get this red circle around you, press your Liquid WeakAura macro immediately. This will assign two of the four players to move onto the square and cross markers to free the caged players.


You only have a second or two after the cages go off to move on top of them before the eruption goes off, so be nearby and ready in case you are assigned.

Both debuff mechanics will stop once the Burning Colossus dies. All DPS need to nuke this infernal before a second set of Shadow Cage debuffs go out.

Phase 3

Begin the phase by pulling the boss towards Amirdrassil. The designated seed carriers should pick up their seeds and move to the marked areas below. These spots are away from the group where it should be easier to dodge mechanics.


Drop the first Swirling Firestorm set along the left edge of the platform. If one of the seed carriers is targeted, run to the backup locations pictured below.


On Mythic, using Bloom will leave behind a large area of Raging Flames. Place the first Bloom along the top-left edge of the platform. Step into it to get the shield buff, then immediately run towards the center of the room before Fyrakk finishes his Apocalypse Roar cast so you are not blown off the platform.


The raid now mirrors their positions from before. The tanks pick up the first Corrupted Seed and stay on the left side while the rest of the raid spreads on the right side. The player who dropped the first seed can stay with the group here. The remaining three carriers stay away from the group to avoid mechanics hitting their seeds. When the second set of Swirling Firestorms goes out, line them up along the top-right edge of the platform.


The second Bloom should be placed next to the first one on the top-right edge. As before, get your shield buff and then immediately run towards the middle of the room for the knockback.


Reposition in front of the Raging Flames circles with the tanks again on the left and the raid on the right. Place the third set of Swirling Firestorms along the right edge of the platform. A couple should be placed directly in front of the second set. The second Corrupted Seed will now spawn and should be picked up by the two ranged players that dropped the first Blooms


Drop the third Bloom directly in front of the second Bloom as shown below, then move towards the center of the room for the knockback. Notice that the first set of Swirling Firestorms have disappeared leaving the left side of the platform free again.


The ranged player who dropped the third Bloom should immediately pick up the third Corrupted Seed. They will need to hold it until the next Bloom, after which the fourth and final seed carrier can take the Corrupted Seed from them.

All ranged seeds should stay away from the group in the bottom-left portion of the platform to dodge mechanics. Tanks will be working with limited space here, crammed up against the third Raging Flames circle.


Drop the final Bloom in front of the first Raging Flames circle to complete the square around the boss. Grab your shield buff and run towards the middle of the room for the knockback.


Crunch time. If Fyrakk is not dead already, drag him towards the bottom of the platform away from the Raging Flames. Drop the final sets of Swirling Firestorm along the bottom-left edge.

Stop swapping Corrupted Seeds here. Its better to hit whatever defensives you have left, take the ramping damage and finish the fight. Try to stay near the boss so there is room in the back for the two Corrupted Seeds in range to dodge mechanics. 


Raid Plans

Reference Logs

All of these logs are post HoF nerfs and use our tank and healer comp (see more here):


Video Guides