Guild & Raid Information

General information about the guild and raid.

Guild Information

Guild History

<Trash Mob Death Machine> has been a guild on Illidan since The Burning Crusade, initially formed by Nethrus. It raided as a one-day-a-week casual guild until Cataclysm when the raid's goals were changed to be closer to semi-hardcore. During the Firelands tier, Nethrus needed to step away from the game. Leadership of the guild was passed to Zarillion, who is the current guild and raid leader.

The guild continues to maintain a semi-hardcore environment and has raided in some capacity during every tier. We have casual members and raid-oriented members, some of whom have been around since the start. The guild has numerous Cutting Edge achievements and is the longest standing raiding guild on Illidan.

Guild Officers

General Rules

Raid Information

About the Raid

Our main goal in the core raid is to clear each raid on Mythic difficulty and earn everyone who helped with progression their Cutting Edge achievement and final boss rewards. This means finishing progression with enough time left in the tier to farm the rewards out for everyone.

We do not have a specific World, US or Realm rank goal. Setting one in a semi-hardcore guild would put additional strain on progression, and downplay our success if we finish a tier ranked lower than the previous tier. We will always strive to clear the content as fast as possible with the players we have available.

We will always complete the [Glory of the …] meta achievement for the current tier for those that are interested. This usually occurs after Cutting Edge is achieved.

Raid Rules

Raid Schedule

All raids are 3 hours, 9pm to 12am server time (central).

Required Addons

Required WeakAuras

Loot Rules

The RCLootCouncil addon is mandatory and will be used to determine who needs what item and their level of need. Everyone will be able to see what people have put for their response. If you do not have the addon you will not be considered for loot. The loot master will take level of need, progression impacts and rolls into account when deciding loot recipients.

Bind-on-equip items are handled different based on whether they dropped from trash or a boss.

Special Cases

Trial Period

The trial period typically lasts for three weeks after Mythic raiding has begun. Trials are extended at the beginning of a tier before we get into Mythic. We are looking for players with a balance of ability, attendance and attitude. Doing poorly in any category is enough to fail your trial with us.